The Grisha Trilogy

grishaThe Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo.
This series was recommended to me by my sister-in-law, an avid reader who often has two or three books going at a time. It is a young adult fantasy series that has a tint towards a Russian theme rather than the world of Faerie.
It was fantastic! I enjoyed reading these three books so much, and am planning on finding anything else she writes in this universe.
I don’t like to give away plots or endings, so I won’t say much. If you enjoy magic and different worlds you will enjoy these books. I was pleasantly surprised with the writing as well! With young adult I’m never expecting Shakespeare, but this series is delightful.
I hope, dear reader, that you at least check it out. If you enjoy The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, you will most likely enjoy this!


Real Marriage

Iimage recently finished ‘Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship, and Life Together’ by Mark and Grace Driscoll. I really enjoyed it! I like their writing style, and a lot of it was very relatable. They have some great stories.
It helped me take a look at how I treat my husband and my marriage. Of course, there are some things I can definitely work on, and it is nice to know that I am not alone with these struggles.
I definitely recommend for young couples, Christian or non, it brings up a lot of issues that can be skirted around in similar books.

Go Set A Watchman

9-2-15 (1)Finally! I was finally able to read Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee a couple of weeks ago. It seems a bit hasty, but I have been eager to read this story since I first heard about it being published. I read a review of the book on Modern Mrs Darcy before reading it, and was determined not to read it as a sequel. However, while it may not have been written as a sequel, I couldn’t read it as anything else. MMD said that the image of Atticus is shattered by GSAW and to read it as a sequel of To Kill a Mockingbird was not a good idea. I do not agree, I think his image is still intact if not a bit more clear. He accepts the reality of the situation and acts accordingly. He sees that he can do more good by being a part of what is happening in the town than standing outside of it and fighting.
Anyway, I don’t want to give anything away. But if your want my opinion, read it as a sequel. Scout is just as feisty and interesting, if not more so. I definitely recommend!

Yes, Please

yes, please

Last month, I listened to the audio book by Amy Poehler of Yes, Please. It was so much fun! She is hilarious to listen to, and has some interesting stories to tell. She seems like one of those stars that could be a great friend… but after reading this book, I’m not sure how we would get along. A little high maintenance and crazy, but very funny. She has a few guest readers in the audio book including Patrick Stewart, Kathleen Turner, and Seth Myers. They are all delightful and hilarious of course.

I do not recommend if you are sensitive to language since she does cuss quite a bit. Some of it sneaks up on you. I feel like she would be this normal looking woman who just randomly busts out in expletives when someone ticks her off!

It does seem sometimes as if she’s just name-dropping. Kind of a “I know these people and you don’t, haha”… but that’s her prerogative! She has met some really interesting people and doesn’t mind talking about the fact that she gets to hang out with them! Also, I have a strange urge to read “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. Finish the dynamic duo!

Anyway, I did enjoy the book. I think she is hilarious (I mean, Leslie Knope is one of my all-time favorite characters) and her life is fun to read about.

The Narnian

DSC02544About a week ago I finished a book called “The Narnian” by Alan Jacobs. It is a biography of C.S. Lewis written with a tint towards how “The Chronicles of Narnia” had an impact on his life. I really enjoyed learning about one of my favorite authors of all time. All throughout my childhood I read “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and it was nice to know how important it was to him as well.

He had an interesting life. I enjoyed reading about him, but I also learned some things that surprised me. It made me realize exactly how human he was. Have you ever had your perceptions shattered about a hero of yours? Since he is such a favorite of mine, I always pictured him in a pub or cafe sharing witticisms and drinking pints. I never pictured him as a human being. I would not say that my view of him has worsened… In fact, it might even be better now. It is not a good idea to have a man on a pedestal, he is bound to fall.

However, it is an interesting narrative, and I would recommend it to anyone who had a similar experience with C.S. Lewis. I still love him as an author, and now maybe understand more why he wrote what he did!

Finding Paris

For the Reading Challenge one category us to pick a book based on the cover. I picked the book Finding Paris by Joy Preble. I didn’t read anything about it, I just saw the cover, and thought it could be interesting.
Well… it did keep me up one night to finish reading it. However, I have a hard time letting mysteries go unsolved. I had to finish reading it or I would have had a hard time sleeping.
That being said… meh. I was disappointed. It was a little flat. Hardly any character development and the story was mediocre. I think she was counting on the shock ending to pull it all together and make it worth it. To be fair, it happens over a very short period of time, and character development is difficult with those limitations. She did try to explain certain things, but they just made me not like the characters even more.
In my opinion, it was not great. Not recommended.
If you think I’m crazy or totally agreed with me, please let me know in the comments!

Atlas Shrugged

Well, that was an accomplishment…

Wonderful story. Engaging characters. Interesting subject.
I was personally looking for more relatable situations. Whenever I heard someone talk about this book, they said how much it predicted present day. I saw certain elements being true currently, but it is to such an extreme. Which, maybe that’s the point. Maybe this is where we’re headed. In the book it was made clear that this had taken a while to all line up.
What makes a good book to me are the characters… Atlas Shrugged had so many to choose from, and all fascinating. Even if they disgusted me, they were interesting. One of the most profound moments for me was when I found myself crying over the death of a side character who had reviled me when I first met him.
At times I felt conflicted. I think that there must be a happy medium between these ideals. Which might be the point. The only problem is that one was allowed to completely take over.
Anyway, I may have more questions about it now than answers, but unfortunately don’t mind. It was a wonderful read and incredibly thought-provoking. I recommend this book to anyone willing to take it on. I might even try Ayn Rand’s other works…after a break.